02 June, 2012

غبار الاسمنت و كفاءة الرئة

تأثير غبار الأسمنت في وظائف الرئة

التأثيرات السلبية لغبار الاسمنت على كفاءة الجهاز التنفسي قوية و شديدة مما يستدعي الإحساس بالشفقة على صحة من يقطن ساكناً بجوار مثل هذا الغبار الضار..
غبار الاسمنت مزعج و يحوي مادة الكروم التي تتسبب وحدها في حساسية الصدر و هياج الشعب الهوائية و الخلل الوظيفي للمسارات الهوائية..
مثل هؤلاء المرضى أو قاطني المناطق المجاورة يحتاجون للتقييم و المتابعة و ربما لتلقي وقائيات..
و نرجو أن يأتي يوم قريب حيث يتم فيه النقل النهائي لهذه المصانع في مناطق بعيدة عن العمرانيات أو انتقال السكان إلى مناطق بعيدة عن هذا الغبار الشرس..

Effect of cement dust on lung function
Occupational Asthma
Cement dust is very alkaline and irritant, and also usually contains chromate in a form that can cause sensitization (unless iron is added as in Scandinavia). It sounds as if your patient has developed irritant induced asthma (sometimes called reactive airways dysfunction syndrome). The criteria for this include being normal before the exposure , having an acute exposure , having airflow obstruction whose onset is within 24 hours of the acute exposure , and having symptoms and bronchial hyper-responsiveness which persist for more than 3 months. It is not very usual to get worse 2 months later, however. Irritant induced asthma can be caused by many overwhelming exposures, it does not lead to sensitization, and the affected individual is left with asthma which does not deteriorate with subsequent low dose exposure, so the usual job can usually continue. There are a few individuals who develop allergic occupational asthma from cement dust, usually thought to be due to the chromate. Acute exposures can occasionally lead to subsequent sensitization, in which case subsequent low dose exposures can cause deterioration in the asthma and removal from further exposure is warranted. The problem with cement dust is that some workplaces have quite high exposures, there is some literature implicating cement dust as a cause of occupational COPD. I would have thought that any form of acute silicosis was very unlikely, but would welcome others views.

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