12 April, 2018

Smiling Lungs

This site is specialized for Respiratory Medicine, Here You can view information and articles on chest diseases and its updates.
Rebounds for drugs and medical developments examinations for adults and children.
General medical discussions of the facts of the latest medical science internationally.
Concentrated medical culture and health expertise to configure especially with regard to the respiratory tract, through multimedia.
Rehabilitation for chronic cases of bronchial asthma and hypersensitivity of the chest and follow up through communication via the Internet and network information.
Answers to questions and inquiries about the medicine of chest diseases in the context of professional commitment and Privacy Policy.
I hope all pure and healthy lifestyle
Dr.Bassem Mourad AlSawwaf, Egyptian Pulmonary Physician, AKA Matthew Japheth, Clinical Certified Medical Assistant,
My name is  Dr.Bassem Mourad AlSawwaf, Bsc, MBBCH, Pulmonary Physician, AKA Matthew Japheth, CCMA
I grew up in the wonderful country of peace, EGYPT.
I was graduated from Faculty of Science in 1995
and I was graduated from Faculty of Medicine in 2003
I'm interesting and specified in Pulmonary Medicine.
My Great Father was also a Physician as he was specified in Internal Medicine and Medical Administration.

and Here is my photo holding my Dad's Stethoscope!

It is a great honor to give a hand helping in making your lives more better.
USA: 6154851301
Egypt   01226989889
Yacoubian Building 34 Talat Harb Street, From Tahrir Square, Down Town.
In Our Clinic, you will enjoy our interesting, talented and be understanding your case.
You will be under our supervision all seasons of the year through our professional programs of follow-ups.
Also, If you are a searcher With aid of Smiling Lungs Clinic,  you will get a help to your work with cooperation with big hospitals and medical centers. 

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