26 May, 2012

الكافيين و حساسية الصدر

العلاقة بين تأثير الكافيين و مرض حساسية الصدر كانت و ما تزال مثار لمناقشات و دراسات طبية واسعة النطاق..
و إن كانت الأبحاث الأقدم ترى انه لا يوجد علاقة واضحة..
إلا أن الدراسات الأحدث نسبياً اعتبرت أن للكافيين تأثير مشابه لتأثير الثيوفيللين في الأزمات الصدرية..
و الثيوفيللين كما هو معروف يمثل احد العائلات الدوائية التي يلجأ إليها مريض الربو الشعبي في التعامل مع حالته المرضية بإرشاد الطبيب المعالج..
لذلك إن كنت من هواة تناول الكافيين فإننا لا ننصحك بالتوقف عن هذه الهواية و لكن بالضرورة دون إفراط..
إن كنت مقبلاً على أداء اختبار  وظائف التنفس عليك أن تكون حريصا على عدم تناول الكافيين قبل الاختبار حتى لا نطالع نتائج قد تكون نسبة عدم صحتها كبيرة نوعياً..

Caffeine and Bronchial Asthma

The relation of caffeine and asthma is likely one of the hotly debated subjects in medical science. Whereas most studies have concluded that the impact of caffeine just isn’t helpful for managing asthma signs, some newer researches have come to light which purport otherwise. The rationale some scientists have proposed that use of caffeine may help individuals with this respiratory condition is the previous holding some properties which are much like that of theophylline (a protracted-appearing bronchodilator, that relaxes and dilates the bronchial passageway thus, making it simpler to breathe).
Theophylline is a drugs that’s prescribed for controlling and managing spasms of the airways; a typical symptom in folks with bronchial asthma and COPD (Continual Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Additionally sure research have reported that caffeine has anti-inflammatory properties, which is yet one more point that will establish its advantages in opposition to asthma. Nonetheless, as I mentioned, the effect of caffeine on asthma is surrounded with mixed results. More on this has been provided in the following.
Results of Caffeine On Bronchial asthma
As mentioned above, many latest studies have been able to exhibit the impact of caffeine on asthmatics as a bronchodilator. Certainly one of such studies was performed on about 8 grownup patients, who have been identified with bronchial asthma symptoms. The patients either obtained placebo or caffeine, and so long as eight hours after the drink, varied assessments have been performed on the patients. And when the outcomes got here in, it showed caffeine showed significant enhancements in managing the asthma symptoms, as compared to the placebo effect. However what must be considered here is, despite having so many efficient medicine towards asthma, why are scientists a lot focused on something reminiscent of caffeine. There are two most important reasons behind this. The first being that, if caffeine is actually helpful in relieving bronchial asthma flare-ups, then it could be a more sensible choice than medications.
The second, and probably, a extra important cause lies in the fact that, consumption of caffeine could have an effect on the character of assessments or diagnosis performed to determine how dangerous someone’s bronchial asthma actually is within the present situation. What happens normally is, caffeine when taken in small quantities, is known to stimulate lung function thereby enhancing it for up to 4 hours. So because of this, if an individual consumes the same earlier than present process a test for lung function (which is essential in figuring out the stage of his asthma), he would show higher results. So if in reality the affected person’s situation requires a stronger asthma remedy, he might be prescribed with a weaker drug, given his improved lung perform within the test. So for sure, this may create important issues in managing the condition.
The relation between caffeine and asthma is an ongoing study, in order that medical consultants will help people perceive if the former product really helps in bettering asthma signs, and if they need to or should keep away from taking caffeine before going for assessments to determine the function of their lungs. So it is always higher to seek the advice of his/her healthcare supplier before trying to treat asthma signs with caffeine.


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